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52 min 14 sec ago
caroline chernov
Many thanks Liz - insightful and practical as always. Your advice is an important reminder to embed these principles into practice - so often we know the concept but need to commit to action. Another observation ten20 would make on this topic of gove...
2 hours 37 min ago
Liz Weaver
Hello readers.  Your questions are coming to me in many different forms which is great!  Today I received a question from the co-coordinators of the Philadelphia Re-Entry Coalition about collaborative governance and decision making processe...
14 hours 44 min ago
June 6, 2016
The third annual Catalyzing Large Scale Change: The Funder’s Role in Collective Impact convening is designed specifically for grantmakers to provide opportunities for deep learning and peer-exchange on a range of important topics. Highlight...

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