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The Collective Impact Forum exists to support the efforts of those who are practicing collective impact in the field. While the rewards of collective impact can be great, the work is often demanding. Those who practice it must keep themselves and their teams motivated and moving forward.

The Collective Impact Forum, an initiative of FSG and the Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions, is the place to find the tools and training that can help achieve success. It’s an expanding network of like-minded individuals coming together from across sectors to share useful experience and knowledge and thereby accelerating the effectiveness, and further adoption, of the collective impact approach as a whole.

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The Collective Impact Forum is an initiative of FSG and the Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions

FSG LogoFSG is a mission-driven consulting firm supporting leaders in creating large-scale, lasting social change. Through direct support for learning communities like the Collective Impact Forum, FSG helps foundations, businesses, nonprofits, and governments around the world to accelerate progress by reimagining social change. 

Aspen Institute Logo The Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solution's mission is to support community collaboration — including collective impact — that enables communities to effectively address their most pressing challenges. 

World Renowned Supporters and Adopters

Collective impact is an approach that is often easy to understand but difficult to put into practice. And yet, for all that, it has gained significant support in a short time.

Collective impact requires a fundamental shift in thinking and the willingness to invest in process in addition to outcomes. But for those who have grasped its potential, the rewards in terms of progress made have been unquestionable.

Collective Impact Forum Team

  • Jennifer Splansky Juster, Executive Director, Collective Impact Forum
  • Cindy Santos, Senior Associate, Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions
  • Tracy Timmons-Gray, Community and Program Associate Director, Collective Impact Forum

Senior Advisors



Co-Catalysts are organizations with expertise in collective impact that can use their broad reach and their networks to help accelerate the spread of collective impact. Co-Catalysts also contribute resources to the Collective Impact Forum.



Partner organizations support the collective impact movement through convening, publishing, or supporting the approach with their networks.



The Collective Impact Forum funders are leaders and practitioners in the field providing resources and experience to support the Collective Impact Forum.

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Community of Practitioners 

The power of the Collective Impact Forum comes from the engagement and real-world experience of the broad range of people using the collective impact approach right now. Access to this community of doers can provide guidance and direction to help overcome challenges and roadblocks. 

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