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  • Indigenous Collective Impact Backbone Organisations

    4 months 1 day ago

    kia ora from New Zealand, we recently attended the CI Convening in Chicago.   Thank you for the learning we now have brought back to our organisation and community.   We are a tribally based indigenous organisation that is piloting a formalised form of CI.    It is inherent in our legacy that we work best with others to achieve better outcomes.    We now need to ensure that we capture the impact...

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  • Feedback needed for research on the role of Continuous Communication in CI.

    5 months 4 days ago

    Please take a short, confidential survey about the role of continuous communication in collective impact. This research looks at how projects leverage communications and will use your feedback, along with scholarly research to provide practical tips on how projects can elevate communications to a strategic level to support project goals. The survey is open to steering committee members, project...

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  • Survey for Impact Organization to Assess Customer Needs

    5 months 3 weeks ago

    Hello to the Collective Impact Forum community! I am working with Pact Zimbabwe, whose mission is to create a better future for all those who are challenged by poverty and marginalization. To better assess the needs and demands of impact institutions, we request you to take a short survey on Capacity Building Trainings. This survey will help us understand how PACT can assist and empower your...

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  • Join our Team - Hiring a Bright Beginnings Program Lead

    5 months 4 weeks ago

    Community Discussion|Employment / Workforce Development

    POSITION: Bright Beginnings Lead (employee of First 5 Monterey County -- reports to co-chairs of the Bright Beginnings Early Childhood Development Initiative and the Monterey County Children’s Council).   This position provides leadership and strategic management for the Bright Beginnings Initiative as a whole, coordinating partners and mobilizing the community to achieve shared goals, while...

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  • Consultant for strategic planning of a statewide CI initiative?

    6 months 2 days ago

    Hello!  I am in search of consulatants who would be interested in working with a state wide community development organization in West Virginia to craft a strategic plan for CI implementation.  As the backbone organization we are interested in utilizing the CI model to improve collaboration and impact of community development efforts. Who is doing this type of work?  Thanks for your time,  Eric

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