Attending the Collective Impact Summt in Toronto this week?

Posted 7 years ago at 5:27 pm

We hope all our Forum members who are in Toronto this week for the Collective Impact Summit are having a wonderful time! We're sure it will be an inspiring and rejuvenating experience.

And for those on Twitter, you can follow Summit updates with the hashtag #CISummit2014. It’s been great to see what’s been discussed already!

We look forward to sharing news and updates from the Summit, but also, feel free to come share your thoughts and learnings! We’d love to hear what highlights you’re taking away from all the sessions.



Jennifer Splansky Juster

administrator, backbone organization, blog contributor, funder community of practice, funder of initiatives, technical assistance provider / consultant

Hi All! I'm here at the Summit enjoying many interesting conversations. We had a lively session on "Telling Your Collective Impact Story" this afternoon, followed by one on Shared Measurement.  I was particularly inspired by a story from Vibrant Communities' Hamilton Roundtable, which has created a storytelling initiative to train people living in poverty to share their personal stories as a way to authentically inform the community work - incredible!

Would love to hear what others are learning and finding inspirational!


Submitted by Jennifer Splansky Juster on Tue, 2014-10-07 20:49

Tom Klaus

technical assistance provider / consultant

It has been a great start to the Collective Impact Summit in Toronto. The plenary presentations and workshops I've attended have reinforced my own learning and understanding with regard to Collective Impact. In particular, I've been very pleased to hear a consistent theme in support of engaging those constituents ("residents with lived experience") in discovering and implementing solutions to the problems or issues that are most affecting them.  In Monday's opening session Melody Barnes made the point, "We can't do community collaboration without the community." Today, John Kania emphasized that involving the right people in system change starts with the individuals who are affected most by the problem that is being addressed. These are encouraging words from two of the most prominent champions of Collective Impact. The messages are not being lost on the people in the Learning Lab that I'm facilitating. 

I was also in Jen's workshop and got to hear that incredibly powerful story from the Vibrant Communities Hamilton Roundtable. It was a testimony to the power of constituents when constiuents are given voice.

I'm looking forward to the other gems that emerge in the remainder of the Summit.


Submitted by Tom Klaus on Tue, 2014-10-07 21:43

Afi Tengue

partner organization

I’ll be preparing a longer post about the event in a blog, but am having an AMAZING time. The learning community's focus on Community Engagement, Context Expertise and Trust Building has been a fantastic reminder of the importance of genuinely incorporating residents and end beneficiaries in the entire process of social change. PHENOMENAL event!

Submitted by Afi Tengue on Wed, 2014-10-08 12:52

Kerry Graham

technical assistance provider / consultant

Hi CI folk.

The CI Summit has gone off with a bang!  The buzz is great and the learnings are flowing thick and fast.

In Australia, collective impact is in a wonderful paradox where the approach is gaining great momemtum while almost all initiatives are in their infancy.  We have come to the conference to learn from 'the edge' of collective impact, so we may better enable and support communities across Australia further develop thier application and action.

The big 'a-ha' moments so far have been:

- collective impact is more about culture change - it's NOT counter-intiutive, it is counter-culture - this resonates strongly with our experience down under

- collective impact and centralised government responses are likely to be at odds with eachother - which is a big challenge for us 

- framing people with lived experience as 'context experts'- love it!

- being aware of SNAP BACK - the disposition to revert back to the status quo 

Two more days to go and more learnings to come!

What have your learnings been?




Submitted by Kerry Graham on Wed, 2014-10-08 18:23

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