Building a Culture of Collaboration - Collective Impact Summit 2017

Posted 2 years ago at 6:24 am

More than ever, we need spaces where diverse perspectives can unite, engage in productive dialogue, and collectively act to solve the complex social issues we face. It is time to offer a more compelling story. A story that challenges the conventional approaches, pushes beyond deep divisions, and doesn't accept fractured communities as the cultural norm. It is time for a story that brings people together on common ground, unifying our diverse identities in terms of race, class, gender and sexuality, religion, geography, political viewpoint, and so much more. A story which, most importantly, leads toward real progress in the quality of life for all of us, especially for those whose well-being is most threatened.

This is why partners from across the U.S. and North America are coming together in Denver for the Collective Impact Summit on November 29 & 30. Join together with The Civic Canopy to bring together nonprofit, business, government, philanthropic partners and community members from across Colorado and beyond to build skills and knowledge around what it takes to ensure healthy, thriving communities. Learn more and register:

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Topics will include:

Framing and Communicating Social Issues in a Way that Drives Collective Action

Skills for Leading Collaborative Efforts

Deliberative and Collaborative Decision Making

Applying Equity to Collaborative Work

Creating the Space for Community to Drive Change

The Art of Listening in a Divided World

Technology-Based Tools that Faciltate Collaboration

Factoring in Human Centered Design Principles

Collaborative Process/Collective Impact 101


Mark Cabaj of Tamarack Institute, Nita Mosby Tyler of The Equity Project, and Bill Fulton of the Civic Canopy will all be speaking.

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