Can the creation of a fund to manage a World Heritage Site, be considered Collective Impact?

Posted 5 months ago at 8:24 pm


This is my firt time posting : ). Greetings from Mexico! I am seeking advice, I am a consultant for an initiative in Costa Rica which aims to create  a funding mechanism (Fund) to support effective protected natural area management and supporting indigenous peoples living in Protected Area buffer zones. Those promoting the initiative are the government entity responsible for managing the protected areas (PAs) and supporting Indigenous Peoples natural resource managemente initiatives, and an NGO that helps channel funding for biodiversity conservation. This NGO is responsible for managing the fund, fundraising and assigning funding through grants and subcontracts. Can the NGO act as the backbone organization? The steering committee is integrated by both stakeholders (government and the NGO), and possible two additional stakeholders (possibly international and a national NGO). And there would be an advisory committee where Indigenous Peoples representatives would be invited to participate, as well as other NGOs (national and international), development agencies, and other stakeholders. 

Is there any advice, case study you can share with me on how to best establish governance when there is a funding mechanism involved? 

Theank you in advance. 

Best regards, Ale Salazar

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