Developing Policy Infrastructure

Posted 12 months ago at 5:25 am

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Paul Schmitz

technical assistance provider / consultant, funder community of practice

I've seen CI efforts where at the beginning members put their policy/advoacy limitations on the table up front so we know who can do what. We assume that everyone wants to see the policy/system changes the coalition deems necessary happen but understand that different organizations and individual members of the collective who cant speak for their organizations have limitations, so we map them and determine who can fully move the agenda. I've seen a policy and system change committe formed with those who are free to do that work in most cases. If it needs to be separated, I've seen a partnership with another organization that is moving policy the collective is interested in moving and the backbone coordinates some volunteer and collective member engagement to support that group. 


The main thing I would encourage is not to shame or make people feel bad about their limitations, but just name them as facts, understand truly what is allowed/not (people often misinterpret their rules way too conervatively -- most nonprofits are doing 10% or less of what they are legally allowed to do and worry they may be crossing a line) and then work with what/who you have. 

Submitted by Paul Schmitz on Mon, 2018-06-11 12:37

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