Doctoral Research Study on Collaboration - Please Participate and Share

Posted 3 months ago at 10:57 am

Greetings fellow Collective Impact members,

I am in the final stage of my doctoral dissertation research, and I need your help! I am writing to ask for your assistance with my study to develop and validate an instrument that measures the public value and social impact created through cross-sector collaboration. I value your insight as a community stakeholder who may have partnered with other organizations to address complex social challenges in your community. Your input will greatly enhance my ability to create a valid and reliable evaluation tool. Please complete the survey and share it with your network. 

Please click here to access the survey

As a former nonprofit executive and current foundation community impact analyst, I am interested in using this instrument to help public sector organizations track partnership progress and impact. This research study has been reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board at the University of Central Arkansas (IRB#21-145).
Your responses will remain confidential, and no personally or organizationally identifiable information will be captured. The time commitment to complete this survey is approximately 10 minutes.

Individuals who self-identify as having worked in a collaborative initiative are invited to participate in this instrument development study. Thank you in advance for your willingness to complete and share this survey!

Best regards,
Sharon Lanier (she/her/hers) | Community Impact Analyst
Doctoral Student and Principal Investigator | University of Central Arkansas

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