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Posted 1 year ago at 12:44 pm

kia ora from New Zealand,

we recently attended the CI Convening in Chicago.   Thank you for the learning we now have brought back to our organisation and community.   We are a tribally based indigenous organisation that is piloting a formalised form of CI.    It is inherent in our legacy that we work best with others to achieve better outcomes.    We now need to ensure that we capture the impact and the contributions of all our partners.   Are there any other indigenous organisations that are working with CI model,  particularly as the Backbone organisation?   To a certain extent,  we are the funder as well.

Look forward to any connections we can make.    Ngaa mihi,  Raewyn Mahara.


Christy Hawker

backbone organization

Hi Raewyn

Binarri-binya yarrawoo Aboriginal Corporation is backbone for Empowered Communities in the East Kimberley (north west Western Australia).

Lots of info at our websites: (have a look at the Design Report under the 'our proposal' tab)

Best wishes-


Submitted by Christy Hawker on Mon, 2019-06-03 22:35

Raewyn Mahara

backbone organization

Kia ora Christy,

thank you for the link and info.    Very much appreciated!  

Submitted by Raewyn Mahara on Wed, 2019-06-05 15:52

Brenda Herchmer

backbone organization

Greetings from Canada. While this Indigenous youth leadership initiative began as collective impact here in the province of Ontario, it was ultimately driven by indigenous values and a more holistic, community building approach. This blog explains more  Happy to share more if you're interested. Take care.  

Submitted by Brenda Herchmer on Mon, 2019-06-24 10:16

Kia ora Raewyn I am working with Reconnecting Northland on a collective impact approach in Northland NZ. RN are trailing a whakapapa based approach for regeneration of the whenua in a type of backbone role. Google Reconnecting Northland to find out more about them

Submitted by Carolyn Smith on Wed, 2019-06-05 01:06

Raewyn Mahara

backbone organization

Kia ora Carolyn,  thanks so much for getting in contact.   Just had a look at the site.  The projects covered really align with the type of work we do at Waikato-Tainui - Iwi led initiatives.  I’ll certainly make contact.  Ngaa mihi nui.

Submitted by Raewyn Mahara on Wed, 2019-06-05 15:54

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