Quick Poll Results - Your Most Challenging Issues for Your Collective Impact Work

Posted 5 years ago at 6:48 am

Hello, everyone! We’re excited to share with you the results of last month’s Quick Poll that focused on your most challenging issues.

86 respondents provided feedback in this first Forum Quick Poll. The results are:

Respondent by Roles
(Respondents were allowed to choose multiple roles.)

  • Backbone Organization: 59%
  • Partnering Organization: 34%
  • TA/Consultant: 21%
  • Funder: 20%
  • Academia/Researcher: 16%
  • Other: 8%
  • Policymaker: 4%

Current Stage of CI Initiative:

  • Not Yet Initiated: 20%
  • Early Years: 39%
  • Middle Years: 25%
  • Later Years: 8%
  • N/A: 8%

Most Challenging Topics:

Even though the respondent group is only a small subset of the full Forum membership, what you shared aligned a lot with what we’re hearing at related collective impact events and in the field.

Community engagement and aligning initiatives are still the most top-of-mind challenges and are often what we here the most questions about. Evaluation, leadership, and other topics like equity and sustainability are also areas that many are working through.

  • Aligning Initiatives: 45%
  • Community Engagement: 44%
  • Evaluation: 33%
  • Sustainability: 25%
  • Leadership: 24%
  • Equity: 23%
  • Pre-Conditions: 23%
  • Effectiveness: 18%
  • Private-Sector: 16%
  • Public-Sector: 11%
  • Other: 10%
  • Board Buy-In: 9%

*Respondents could choose up to 3 areas that they found the most challenging or important for their current collective impact work.

For those that voted for “other”, issues submitted included: Defining the role of the backbone, scaling, shared measurement, collective impact in rural areas, organizational development, collaboration and how to share ownership.

When broken up by Backbone, Funder, and Partner roles, the most challenging areas are:

  • Backbone: Aligning Initiatives (53%), Community Engagement (39%) and Evaluation (39%)
  • Funder: Community Engagement (41%), Leadership (41%) and Aligning Initiatives (29%)
  • Partner: Aligning Initiatives (47%), Community Engagement (47%) and Evaluation (33%)

One note of interest—we often hear questions about how to encourage buy-in from a board to join a collective impact effort, but “Board Buy-In” was the choice with the fewest number of votes for this group of respondents.

What do you think?

How do these results resonate with you? Does this fall similarly with your priorities right now? Or are there others that you find more top-of-mind?

Please share with us your thoughts in the comments, and thank you to everyone who voted in this Quick Poll!

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