Videos available from the May 2014 Funders Convening

Posted 7 years ago at 11:44 pm

Videos from the May 2014 convening Catalyzing Large Scale Change: The Funder's Role in Collective Impact are now available for viewing on the Collective Impact Forum, including presentations on leadership, community engagement, and sustaining the collective impact movement.

Whether you attended the event in May 2014 or are interested in these topics, we welcome you to view these videos and continue the discussion of how funders can help catalyze collective impact efforts and serve as a partner for social change.

Convening Videos

Leading for Results with Patrick McCarthy

What does it take to get government, nonprofit, and community agencies to work together effectively on behalf of communities? What skills do leaders need to move this work forward?

Patrick McCarthy (Annie E. Casey Foundation) talks about the type of leadership funders can embrace working in this approach and how the skills used are beneficial to collective impact. Watch now.

Leading for Results Panel Discussion

Ben Hecht (Living Cities), Patrick McCarthy (Annie E. Casey Foundation), Stacey Stewart (United Way Worldwide) and Junious Williams (Urban Strategies Council) discuss the mindset shifts that need to happen when working with the collective impact approach. Moderated by Fay Hanleybrown (FSG). Watch now.

Embracing Emergence and Collective Impact with John Kania

John Kania (FSG) discusses how funders can take advantage of emergent strategy to better support and lead collective impact efforts. Watch now.

Embracing Emergence Panel Discussion

Karen Pittman (Forum for Youth Investment) and Sterling Speirn (Poverty Interrupted) join John Kania to further explore how funders can approach emergent strategy when engaging in collective impact efforts. Watch now.

Putting Community in Collective Impact with Rich Harwood

Rich Harwood (The Harwood Institute) leads a conversation about engaging communities in collective impact efforts, the importance of civic culture, and how funders can work within civic culture to achieve success for their collective impact initiatives. Watch now.

Sustaining the Movement: Promoting Quality Collective Impact

Jeff Edmondson (StriveTogether) and Ana Tilton (Grantmakers for Education) lead a discussion with Ryan Chao (Annie E. Casey Foundation), Wynn Rosser (Greater Texas Foundation) and Doug Wood (Ford Foundation) on how collective impact work is distinguished from traditional collaborations, and what emerging standards of practice are being developed in the field. Watch now

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