UPDATED - This workshop has moved from September 16-18 to October 14-16.

October 14-16, 2014 | St. Louis, Mo.

A three-day workshop hosted by the Forum for Youth Investment in partnership with FSG.


  • Merita Irby, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, the Forum for Youth Investment
  • Jennifer Splansky Juster, Director, Collective Impact Forum, FSG



Achieving collective impact requires all partners to clearly understand collaborative work and how partnerships improve conditions in communities. This three-day institute provides a survey of five key steps in collaborative work and how these steps put partnerships on a clear path to improving lives.

The steps are taught as part of a Big Picture Approach that helps community teams create a community-specific diagnosis and action plan, forge better connections to existing work in their community, and maintain an approach to this work that is both holistic and aspirational. This is a “hands-on lab” during which participants will apply the five steps and tools to specific goals in their communities.

The institute was developed by Community Systems Group and the Forum for Youth Investment and is delivered in partnership with FSG. It is designed for leaders, staff and volunteers of partnerships working to improve community conditions and outcomes and for organizations that provide support to neighborhood groups, prevention coalitions, provider partnerships and overarching leadership councils. Participants are strongly encouraged to send community teams representing multiple partnership members.


After completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe and apply a five-step process partnerships use to improve community conditions and outcomes.
  • Improve their current work by applying the principles that distinguish a Big Picture Approach along with specific partnership performance standards.
  • Understand ways they can secure specific supports their partnership will require.
  • Access from a suite of on-line performance supports the tools that can help them to implement the five-step process in their own communities.

Information and registration: http://bit.ly/BPA916

General Registration: $1,095

Learn more about the Big Picture Approach and see some of the materials, or view a sample workshop agenda.

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