In this hands-on course, you'll learn the core Collaborative Innovation methods that have driven powerful changes in industries and communities around the world. Centered around your own initiative or a challenge that you care about, you'll apply these methods in real time, making progress on your project while building your capacity to lead collaborative change.

During this course, you'll work with a group of five other participants and a coach from our team to deepen your learning alongside other change leaders working on challenges in social justice, shared prosperity, and sustainability. During the evening meal, we'll share more stories and learning with one another about how to lead the change that our world needs. Building a network of dynamic leaders from across sectors to support your work over time is just one of the many benefits of participation in our programs.


This is our intensive introduction to the collaborative innovation methodology, covering critical success factors, key dynamics, and the essential tools used to build alignment and progress toward audacious goals. 

This workshop will support you to:

1. Design and lead multi-stakeholder collaborations fueled by real alignment, engagement, and momentum

2. Lead more confidently through the fear and uncertainty of leading complex change across ideological and cultural boundaries

3. Help groups navigate the confusion and polarization that shows up when engaging diverse constituents

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