This Master Class is part of the American Chamber of Commerce Executives Cincinnati conference on August 12-15, 2014.

Program Description:
Cincinnati has a growing reputation as a center for social innovation, largely based on its leadership role in developing the "Collective Impact" framework for systemic community change. Three leaders from the region will lay out the basics of collective impact, describe the role of a "backbone" organization in creating change, and provide concrete examples of how CI is transforming Cincinnati and other communities across the country.

Learning Objective:

Participants will leave the session with a baseline understanding of how to approach systemic community issues through the collective impact framework and will have resources to continue their learning after the convention.

Participating Speakers

  • Jeff Edmondson, Managing Director, StriveTogether
  • Shiloh Turner, Vice President for Community Investment, The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
  • Mary Stagaman, Executive Director, Agenda 360 and Vice President of Regional Initiatives, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber

Master Classes are long-form education sessions covering important topics in greater depth. $45 (non-refundable); requires pre-registration.

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