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About this webinar

For many organizations and individuals, the concept of systems change is difficult to grasp and even more challenging to apply in their daily work.

Join on January 24 from 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm ET for the next virtual coffee chat, The Six Conditions of Systems Change, hosted by FSG, New Profit, and the Collective Impact Forum.

FSG Senior Consultant Hayling Price will be leading a conversation with New Profit Managing Partner Tulaine Montgomery and John Kania, FSG board member, New Profit Executive in Residence, and coauthor of the recent article “The Water of Systems Change” (2018). Hayling, Tulaine, and John will be discussing how one can tackle the concepts and conditions involved with systems change work.

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Come join the discussion on January 24!

Date: Thursday, January 24
Time: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm ET
Cost: Free

This virtual coffee is a reprisal and expansion of the discussion held in July 2018. If you missed that event or would like a refresher on the content as well as a chance to ask your own questions, this is a great discussion to join.

Virtual Coffee Resources:

The Water of Systems Change, a new article authored by John Kania, Mark Kramer, and Peter Senge, aims to clarify what it means to shift the conditions holding problems in place and provides an actionable model for those interested in creating systems change.

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