About this Initiative
Year Started: 
Social issue: 
Economic Development,
Employment / Workforce Development
Initiative stage: 
Organizing for Impact


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Prairie & Northern Region (AB, SK, MB, YT, NT, NU)
Initiative Purpose and Goals: 

We work with a group of contractors and their unions on a common agenda to assess and evaluate worker skills and comptencies.  This includes obervered assessment and evaluation of both technical and essential skills on the job.  It is aimed at improving safety, productivity, job satisfaction, improved training results, individual career progression plus embrace high-performance on-the-job teamwork.

This collective impact is also to make unionized workers and signatory contractors more competitive in economic and enviromental terms.  It aspires to enhance collaboration between the groups for mutual social benefit arround participatory planning of change management through process improvements and innovation adoptions.

We are working on designing shared measurement around assessming, evaluating, training, upgrading and tracking individual worker skills expansion. The members data will be held by the union as we co-create organizational cultures of continuous learning for the engaged progressive companies and the participating unions. 


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