About this Initiative
Year Started: 
Social issue: 
Arts and Culture,
Education and Youth
Initiative stage: 
Implementing and Sustaining Impact


Houston, Texas, United States of America (the), Southwest (AZ, NM, OK, TX)
Initiative Purpose and Goals: 

Arts Access Initiative Vision: All children should have the opportunity to benefit cognitively, creatively, emotionally, and academically through the arts.

Equity, Impact, and Sustainability, the goals of the Arts Access Initiative, are terms with “living” definitions that evolve in response to the needs of the community.

Equity: To meet our goal of Equity of arts access for all students, AAI and its partners will work to understand and counter obstacles that prevent all students from having access to the arts.

Impact: For the AAI to have true impact on students’ lives, it must ensure that the arts provide a meaningful and substantial element of an excellent education. Additionally, the AAI must measure the areas in which the initiative has impact and understand why.

Sustainability: For the AAI to achieve its vision, it must be neither too dependent on any one partner, nor a burden beyond the capacity of any one partner. It must last beyond changes in arts organization, district, and city personnel. It depends on diverse organizations, diverse funding sources, diverse levels of outreach so that changes in one element do not affect the whole.

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