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Community Development
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Hamilton, Montana, United States of America (the), Rocky Mountain (CO, ID, MT, UT, WY)
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The Bitterroot Collective Impact project’s purpose is to provide the coordination of the diverse and mutually supporting expertise of the nonprofits of the Bitterroot Valley through the backbone organization of the Bitterroot Resource Conservation and Development staff.
The backbone organization through continuous communication collects, evaluates and shares data about the progress of all the stakeholders toward their common agenda through common measures. The effectiveness and efficiency of the projects stakeholder’s operations will be improved through collaboration and group learning, workshops and consultation.

The mission of Bitterroot Collective Impact is to improve the capacity of Bitterroot Valley nonprofits to provide their public service and thereby create large-scale social change and strengthen the overall Bitterroot Valley community.

Bitterroot Collective Impact envisions a Bitterroot Valley nonprofit community solving local issues with local resources, united through continuous communications and collectively applying each organizations individual expertise toward large-scale social change.


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