About this Initiative
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Implementing and Sustaining Impact


Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Prairie & Northern Region (AB, SK, MB, YT, NT, NU)
Initiative Purpose and Goals: 

To end domestic violence

IMPACT AREA: Influencing systems
We intend to influence the domestic violence sectors capacity to be knowledgeable about emerging trends and best practices

IMPACT AREA: Influencing policy
We intend to get decision makers (government, large systems) to make informed policy decisions that prioritize addressing and ending domestic violence.

IMPACT AREA: Strengthening network of services
We intend to create and maintain an informal coordinated referral system.
We intend to create common language and knowledge.
We intend to increase the collective capacity in the areas of: Engaging Men and Boys; Enhancing Informal Supports; and Coordination Along the Service Spectrum

IMPACT AREA: Strengthening the capacity of nonprofits
We intend to build the domestic violence sector's understanding of collective impact and the role their
agency/organization/system plays in the collective impact framework set out by CDVC.

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