About this Initiative
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Capital Region of British Columbia, British Columbia, Canada, Pacific Region (BC)
Initiative Purpose and Goals: 
  • Our Vision: Communities supporting healthy kids growing into healthy adults raising healthy kids.
  • Our Mission: We align to increase connectedness to improve the well-being of young people and our communities.
  • Our theory of change: http://childyouthhealth.org/theory-of-change/

Our goal is to significantly increase connectedness for children, youth and families.

Research shows that connectedness to family, community, school and peers is directly linked to improved mental health for youth, as well as to reduced risk, including less self-harming behaviours, less frequent suicidal ideation and reduced substance use.

Connectedness and a sense of belonging is also linked to increased likelihood of high school graduation and post-secondary planning for youth.

The Child & Youth Health Network plans to launch its first 5-year campaign in 2016, with an emphasis on increasing connectedness for children, youth and families.