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Organizing for Impact


West Des Moines and multiple communities across the state, Iowa, United States of America (the), Plains (IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, ND, SD)
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This is a project that utilizes the Roots to Fruit of Sustainable Community Change (R2F) model that integrates the Collective Impact Five Conditions. It is a six year project funded by the Iowa Department of Human Services. It has a lead organization (what we refer to as a "Super Backbone") that provides training and technical assistance and monitoring on behalf of the Iowa DHS to 19 community coalitions. For additional information about this project including a recently published peer-reviewed journal article, contact Tom Klaus, PhD, at twklaus@nonprofitgp.com or tklaus@eastern.edu. An abbreviated abstract is below:

The Roots to Fruit of Sustainable Community Change (R2F) is a community development model for mobilizing efforts to effectively address teen pregnancy and other complex, controversial, social issues. The model is grounded in the authors’ hypothesis that community engagement guided by a high-performing infrastructure leads to sustainable community change progressing through a measurable sequence. This article describes the model, the change sequence and their measures, and the integration of the collective impact framework.