About this Initiative
Year Started: 
Social issue: 
Health and Nutrition,
Initiative stage: 
Organizing for Impact


Illinois, United States of America (the), Midwest (IL, IN, MI, OH, WI)
Initiative Purpose and Goals: 

The purpose of Impact DuPage is to create a common understanding of community needs, gaps and priorities that will advance the well-being of the DuPage County community. To achieve this, Impact DuPage will engage community stakeholders in a coordinated approach to ongoing community needs assessment, resulting in data-driven solutions to address county priorities, align resources, and improve population level outcomes.

Impact DuPageĀ  worked with existing coalitions on five strategic issues (Healthy Lifestyles, Access to Health Services, Behavioral Health Treatment, Substance Abuse, and Affordable Housing) to create population level objectives. More details on objectives are available here.