About this Initiative


Singapore, Southeast Asia
Year Started: 
Social issue: 
Community Development,
Education and Youth,
Opportunity Youth / Disconnected Youth
Initiative stage: 
Implementing and Sustaining Impact
Initiative Purpose and Goals: 

Schools and school counsellors can only look after students while they are physically in school, and not many can do so outside of school, or are able to tackle wider problems that go beyond the child, such as if they faced challenges at home.  Although school personnel occasionally pay home visits to certain pupils to explore ways of engaging them or offering assistance, it is not always easy to bridge the gap between their specific needs and the available social services in the community.

Recognising that social workers are the link between the school, family and community, a group of us and the North East Community Development Council (NE CDC) came together based on a shared vision to offer assistance to vulnerable Singaporean children. We wanted to create a future in which all kids were free to study and realise their potential, not hindered by obstacles that might keep them from pursuing a meaningful education. In particular, one of our goals is to help all high-needs/risk kids pass their Primary School Leaving Exam (PSLE).