About this Initiative
Year Started: 
Social issue: 
Community Development,
Education and Youth
Initiative stage: 
Initiating Action


Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States of America (the), United States
Initiative Purpose and Goals: 

KConnect is a network of public, private, and independent organizations that aims to facilitate, advance, and evolve a common agenda to ensure all children in Kent County have a clear path to economic prosperity through family, education, and community opportunities. To align and integrate the work of public, private, and nonprofit sectors, KConnect convenes strategic, volunteer, cross-sector workgroups. KConnect supports the workgroups with a defined structure, transparent process, and equitable collection, integration, and analysis of shared data.
The desired outcomes include:
o Eliminate disparities in achievement and access experienced by students of color and students who are economically disadvantaged
o Convening and facilitating community through nine strategic workgroups
o Establishing community level accountability through macro-level data reporting
o Improving communication among community stakeholders who serve children and family

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