About this Initiative
Year Started: 
Social issue: 
Education and Youth,
Employment / Workforce Development,
Opportunity Youth / Disconnected Youth
Initiative stage: 
Implementing and Sustaining Impact


Los Angeles, California, United States of America (the), Far West (AK, CA, HI, NV, OR, WA)
Initiative Purpose and Goals: 

The L.A. Compact is a bold commitment by Los Angeles leaders from the education, business, government, labor and nonprofit sectors to transform education outcomes from cradle to career, ensuring that today’s youth have the skills necessary to succeed in a 21st century global workforce. The creation of the L.A. Compact in 2008 stemmed from a shared belief that no single program or institution can singlehandedly solve the complex, large scale, education and workforce readiness challenges facing our region. Improving student outcomes at scale requires collective impact – the commitment to solve complex social problems by a group of actors from different sectors. 

The L.A. Compact signatories commit to regularly measuring their progress in pursuit of three systemic goals: 1) all students graduate from high school, 2) all students have access to and are prepared for success in college and 3) all students have access to pathways to sustainable jobs and careers.

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