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Education and Youth
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Initiating Action


Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America (the), Midwest (IL, IN, MI, OH, WI)
Initiative Purpose and Goals: 

MBEZ is based on the evidence-based Harlem Children's Zone where multiple stakeholders committed to a common agenda to address economic mobility for families through the lens of education. The effort builds on the programs and services offered by 40 agencies, resident groups, and supporters. Using a collective effort, MBEZ seeks to improve the educational development and academic outcomes of MBEZ children and provide critical supports for parents/caregivers raising children in the Martindale-Brightwood community.

Our Priorities include:
1.Ensure pregnant mothers in MB deliver healthy babies
2.Support the development of excellent, accessible programs, trainings, and schools that provide a linkage of uninterrupted growth for children’s academic growth.
3.Address the social, emotional and academic needs of children and youth
4.Provide MBEZ families access to housing, employment, and social services, allowing them to remain and thrive in MB
5.Continue expanding the social capital network in MB
6.Stabilize the MB community so it becomes a healthy, safe and stable learning environment for students & families

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