About this Initiative
Year Started: 
Social issue: 
Community Development
Initiative stage: 
Implementing and Sustaining Impact


Nairobi, Kenya, Africa
Initiative Purpose and Goals: 

Mwangaza-Bidii Project is a broad network of voluntary Community Based Organization (C.B.O) and in addition, has a unique professional credibility concerning key development topics whereby their main objectives is for Empowering and Improving the lives of the underserved and less fortune in Githurai community. Moreover, its members participate in numerous operations concerning humanistic, social, cultural activities and more.

The population-level results that the initiative is working to achieve is to have the potential to attract as many underserved members of the community as possible.

Percentage Population Served is:

65% Men/Youth
75% Women/Youth

Thus our program targets of all gender in the community and therefore empowering underserved women and men in equal measure for the greater good of the community.  



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