About this Initiative
Year Started: 
Social issue: 
Arts and Culture,
Community Development,
Education and Youth,
Employment / Workforce Development,
Health and Nutrition,
Opportunity Youth / Disconnected Youth
Initiative stage: 
Initiating Action


Halls Creek, Australia, Australia and New Zealand
Initiative Purpose and Goals: 

The Olabud Doogethu [OD] project stems from a comprehensive consultation process with actions stemming from the voices of the many communities in the Halls Creek region. The project has roots in the methodologies of Asset Based Community Development, Justice Reinvestment and Collective Impact.

This project brings together remote communities across the region including Balgo, Billiluna, Mulan, Ringer Soak, Warmun and Yiyili; as well as the town of Halls Creek and the surrounding four community cultural groups Yardgee, Nicholson Block, Mardiwah Loop and Red Hill, each representing unique respected Elders and cultural practices. One size does not fit all in this municipality, as such, approaches to civic and social development need to be inclusive of and responsive to this diversity not only in Halls Creek but across the entire Shire regional area.

OD project is working to highlight and implement capability to work along-side, or resource/broker Aboriginal lead services across multiple communities seeking out their direction and input in the key issues that impact their communities collectively and separately;