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Community Development
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Australia, Australia and New Zealand
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Each year in Australia, 65,000 five year olds start school with big challenges in learning and in life. Opportunity Child’s bold goal is to dramatically change this.

We want to change the sense of what’s possible, to deliver the vision that all of us have of Australia – as a country where every child has the opportunity to thrive.

We are working with leading national partner organisations and communities across the country over the next five years towards realising this goal. We want to increase the number of children who are thriving in our communities, and to change the system for all communities to work collectively on early childhood development.

Aged from 0 to 8, the children we work with are ‘developmentally vulnerable’. They are experiencing health, learning and developmental delays which will have a serious impact on their lives as they grow up. If we can enable these kids to thrive, they’ll grow into thriving adults. That’s the best and simplest way to disrupt the cycle of social issues that affect all Australians.

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