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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America (the), Mid-Atlantic (DE, DC, MD, NJ, NY, PA)
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Social issue: 
Employment / Workforce Development
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Implementing and Sustaining Impact
Initiative Purpose and Goals: 

The goal of The Paschalville Partnership is to boost the employment prospects and rate for job seekers in a community of Southwest Philadelphia that is served by the Paschalville Neighborhood Library, a branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia. This community (population: 30,000 residents; 21,000 working-age adults) is characterized by chronically low labor force participation and high unemployment; yet, despite the great need, it is a "service desert" that is geographically isolated from better served neighborhoods in the city.

Our partnership is squarely focused on two population-level results to achieve our goal: boosting the number of adults in the community who join the labor force, and boosting the number of adults in the labor force who secure a job. Our target is to raise both these rates so that they at least match the city of Philadelphia. In practical terms, this means increasing the number of adults joining the labor force to at least 500, and increasing the number of adults in the labor force who find employment to at least 250.

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