About this Initiative
Year Started: 
April 2014
Social issue: 
Opportunity Youth / Disconnected Youth
Initiative stage: 
Initiating Action


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Pacific Region (BC)
Initiative Purpose and Goals: 

In BC, youth in foster care are deemed adults and transition out at the age of 19. They are cut off from funding and supports. Youth homelessness is a growing concern and more than 40% of homeless youth have been in foster care. In addition approximately 47% have not completed high school. Basically, they are considered adults and the vast majority are transitioning to poverty. For the past 2 years we have agreed on collective principles and a shared common agenda: invest in youth by creating equity of access to meaningful experiences, caring connections, and opportunities for growth based on individual needs, wants and readiness.  This vision has been divided into 3 key success pillars with the caring connections pillar set for implementation as we launch into Phase 2.