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Education and Youth
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Implementing and Sustaining Impact


London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the), Western Europe
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West London Zone for Children and Young People (WLZ) aims to transform the life chances of children and young people in our neighbourhood.  Our vision is that all children and young people arrive safe, happy and healthy in adulthood, because families, neighbourhood groups, formal organisations in the public, private and social sectors, support them to flourish.

The Zone is three square miles along the ‘Harrow Road corridor’: north Hammersmith, Kensington and Westminster, and south Brent. 66,000 children and young people live here, and our focus is on the 20% most at risk of a poor start in life and negative outcomes in adulthood.

Currently, too many children and young people follow a path of poor progress, crisis, and reliance on late, remedial interventions – leading to undesirable outcomes in adulthood. To avoid this, we need high-quality early intervention for those who are identified to be at risk, we need this intervention to be better co-ordinated around the precise needs of the individual child. This is what WLZ seeks to do.

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