United Community, serving as the "backbone agency" for the the Southeastern Fairfax Collective Impact Initiative (“the Initiative”) seeks a passionate and entrepreneurial Director of Collective Impact who will direct an cross-sector initiative aimed at addressing racial inequity in communities we serve in southeastern Fairfax County, Virginia. The Director of Collective Impact will be a visionary, dynamic leader who can grow United Community’s backbone capacity, facilitate the collective success of this regional effort, and serve as a public ambassador for the Initiative. 

More specifically, the Director of Collective Impact will drive the Initiative’s internal and external functions, including strategy, communications, community engagement, and data functions.

Initiative priorities include developing United Community’s backbone capacity, shaping a Common Agenda with stakeholders, and achieving a Quick Win to address short-term resident concerns.

United Community has a 50-year history pursuing a mission of empowering adults, children, and families to transform their lives. As the region’s “Anchor Agency” providing comprehensive human services to low-income and disadvantaged residents in southeastern Fairfax County, United Community serves an average of 6,000-8,000 unduplicated residents annually through multiple programs. United Community is also the Lead Partner for Opportunity Neighborhood: Mount Vernon, a school-government-community partnership engaging residents and stakeholders in geographically- defined areas to achieve positive outcomes for children and youth, and their families.

Fairfax County is the second wealthiest county in the nation with a median household income of $112,436 per year (2017), and yet 83% of the families that United Community serves have annual incomes below the poverty level of $25,750 for a family of four. Nearly 40% of our clients are children. In our neighborhoods, historic and pervasive racism has perpetuated a system of structures, practices, policies, and laws that disadvantage residents of color and low-income people. Inequity is baked into the system. The region that United Community serves – southeastern Fairfax – has been identified as an Island of Disadvantage in the Northern Virginia Health Foundation-commissioned report, Getting Ahead: The Uneven Opportunity Landscape in Northern Virginia. Until these systems change, inequities will persist—and so will multigenerational poverty.

In early 2019, and with private funding, United Community led a Phase 1 streamlined process -- hearing and documenting the concerns of residents in four disadvantaged communities located along the Route 1 Corridor in Alexandria-Fairfax County, as well as a research of the literature about the history of the community and other available data, e.g., housing, health, education, and others. Phase 1 confirmed that residents aspire to live a life with dignity, yet currently feel they have little or no power to address their most pressing concerns.

Based upon findings and enthusiasm generated in Phase 1, United Community received funding to activate a process consistent with a Collective Impact approach.

During a transition period between Phase 1 and the current Phase 2, United Community has:
▪       convened a Steering Team 
▪       convened a broader Collective Impact Stakeholder Group to launch the initiative (October)
▪       completed a search for a Collective Impact Consultant to support, mentor, and coach the Steering Team and Initiative Director toward achieving Phase 2 goals
▪       received partial funding to support Phase 2 and Phase 3 implementation
▪       activated a hiring process for an Initiative Director

The Director of Collective Impact is an employee of United Community, reports to United Community's Executive Director, sits on United Community's Executive Leadership Team, and works in close consultation with the Collective Impact Steering Team and our Collective Impact Consultant.  This full time position will direct the initiative from our base of operations in Alexandria, Virginia.

Initially, the Initiative Director will have one direct report -- the Collective Impact Project Manager -- but this subject to change as the team evolves over time. The Director of Collective Impact will ultimately be responsible for recruiting and hiring top talent, building and managing a highly functioning team.

Located onsite at United Community, the Director of Collective Impact will build early-stage initiative capacities and systems and be accountable for nurturing the efficiency and effectiveness of both, while providing high-level strategic thinking and facilitation of the Initiative effort. Key responsibilities are described below.

Provide Leadership:
●      Be visionary and entrepreneurial in a phase that requires building relationships, capacity, and trust
●      Model the Initiative’s guiding values at all times and foster a culture that reflects them
●      Establish, facilitate and execute effective and open communication related to decisions and strategy
●      Develop systems to share decisions with the Initiative Steering Team and Stakeholders
●      Identify capacity gaps and create plans that plan for possible organizational growth and shrinking

Manage and Facilitate Steering Team, Stakeholder Group, and Workgroups
●      Ensure appropriate representation from key stakeholder groups on Steering Team, stakeholder and work groups
●      Build and maintain relationships with Steering Team, stakeholder and work group members
●      Maintain the schedule of Steering Team, stakeholder, and workgroup meetings
●      Prepare meeting materials including agendas, deliverables, and takeaways
●      Ensure effective facilitation of all Steering Team, stakeholder, and workgroup meetings; promote inclusivity, create safe spaces for difficult conversations and represent the needs of all stakeholders where relevant
●      Provide regular progress reports to Steering Team, stakeholder and workgroups
●      Identify and recruit additional relevant cross-sector stakeholders to participate as necessary

Drive Strategic Coherence & Results
●      Encourage and support the use of data to inform learning and to drive decisions
●      In consultation with the Steering Team and Initiative Consultant, and through engagement of Stakeholders:
▪       Prioritize, plan, and implement a Quick Win project
▪       Develop the Initiative’s long-term Common Agenda
●      Support partners to align goals/strategies and work in service of the Quick Win & Common Agenda
●      Seek to coordinate with initiative partners to minimize redundancies and to align strategies/actions
●      Act as a neutral arbiter and help resolve disagreements in direction among stakeholders
●      Develop a shared framework for tracking Quick Win and Common Agenda outcomes and indicators

Cultivate Community Relationships & Trust
●      Cultivate excellent working relationships with community leaders involved in this initiative in a way that can inspire collective action without formal authority
●      Build the Initiative’s identity as a respected, trusted, neutral convener among a broad spectrum of local stakeholders
●      Coordinate with other projects and coalitions in the same field to maintain a full understanding of the current landscape of local and regional activities; integrate their work into Initiative processes

Communicate Strategically and Effectively
●      Communicate the Initiative objectives to the community and potential partners
●      Facilitate communication between Initiative stakeholders in-person, by phone/video, and via email
●      Create or manage creation of yearly summary reports of the Initiative’s progress for key audiences
●      In coordination with a communications consultant or staff:
o  Develop communications materials e.g. summaries, brochures, FAQs
o  Develop web and social media strategy
o  Create press strategy, including drafting press releases, coordinating with media outlets

Secure Funding
●      Determine what is critical to raise money for, how much support is needed, and why
●      Determine which types of funders are most likely to support which aspects of the Initiative (corporate, foundation, government, individual, and other segments)
●      Prepare the elements of a case for support, including narrative, slides, attachments, and related
●      Develop relationships with potential funders and participate in relevant networks
●      Write proposals requesting support; meet application deadlines and make solicitations
●      Provide information to support partners’ and stakeholders’ own grant applications
●      Oversee the Initiative’s grant reporting to funders as required
●      Track and report Initiative’s funding, including funds from partner organizations

Manage Operations
●      Ensure work plans are moving forward and refer back to agreed upon plans and goals to help bring clarity to direction among strategy groups
●      Manage the Initiative’s administrative systems, including the knowledge management system, contact management system, administrative processes, and other
●      Select, contract with, and oversee work of consultants as appropriate
●      Provide day-to-day support for governance and other internal Initiative processes

Data collection, analysis, and reporting
●      Work to develop targets and indicators associated with the Common Agenda
●      Oversee work of data manager or consultant



● At least 5-10 years of relevant work experience, including at least 3 years managing teams in a fast-paced and high-growth nonprofit, social enterprise, or business start-up environment
● The executive presence to inspire confidence and passion in both internal and external audiences
● Advanced strategy and planning skills, including an ability to think strategically on both organizational and systemic levels over multi-year horizons
● At least five years of fundraising experience and demonstrated success in cultivating fundraiser relationships
● Strong data acumen and ability to oversee complex shared-measurement systems
● Strong facilitation and presentation skills before multiple types of audiences
● Experience with complex project management and stakeholder management
● Existing relationships with, or ability to build relationships with, a cross-sectoral range of stakeholders in the local or regional area, including senior executives
● A track record of leading, inspiring, and developing high performance teams
● Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to build authentic relationships with a diverse set of high profile stakeholders
● Comfort with ambiguity and ability to thrive in a fluid, entrepreneurial environment; willingness to “roll up one’s sleeves” and extend beyond formal responsibilities based on the needs of the work

● Advanced degree in business, education, policy, or related field
● Experience in a start-up environment
● Strong understanding of Collective Impact efforts
● Familiarity with the local area and / or focus of the initiative
● Bi-lingual or multi-lingual a plus. Common languages in addition to English in the community are Spanish, Twi, Amharic, Urdu, and Arabic.


Submit current resume, letter of interest, one writing sample, and salary requirements by February 29 2020 to HR@unitedcommunity.org. Screening for qualified candidates will begin the first week of March with interviews in mid-March. Start date is negotiable, however, the Initiative's Steering Team is keen to find the right candidate with a start date as soon as possible.