Project Manager

Develops, implements, manages and coordinates education and training events and projects. Assists in the development and implementation of evaluation projects and related activities. Position is responsible for working with other staff to provide a high-quality support experience for all clients and to assist in seeking new business opportunities.

• Develop and implement processes for outreach to all existing members including but not
limited to:
-Organize annual member retreat
-Facilitate regularly scheduled online roundtable discussions
-Develop and distribute weekly client outreach emails
-Develop content and update company website, in partnership with other staff
-Develop content and manage online Member Portal

• Develop and implement processes for education, training, technical assistance and
coaching for current clients including but not limited to:
-Conduct online/web-based trainings (other than REACH trainings)
-Determine education, training, technical assistance and coaching needs of existing
clients and implement improvement plans
-Seek out and develop proposals for training, technical assistance, coaching, and
other client needs

• Develop and organize education and training events that are responsive to needs in the
fields of public health and collaborative for current and potential clients.
• Provide education, training, technical assistance and coaching as determined by request
and accepted proposals.
• Develop training modules inclusive of presentation, content outline, and materials/handouts.
• Train relevant ECS staff on training modules
• Coordinate staff and contractors for education, training/technical assistance and coaching
• Implement evaluation projects as assigned.
-Examples of projects include but are not limited to community assessment, systems
analysis, program evaluation, process evaluation, coalition evaluation, outcome
evaluation, and data collection.
-Assist in scoring clients and creation of related reports i.e. semi-annual, annual and
•Assist with new product development and product evolution
•Assist with the review and editing reports and other documents
• Provide client support with grant reviews
• Other duties as assigned by the President of Epiphany Community Services or his

• Promote an image of a high-quality organization through expertise and responsiveness
• Takes responsibility for assignment completion and follow-through
• Other duties as assigned


• Bachelor’s degree or higher in relevant field (Education, Social Work, Public Health)
• No less than five years of experience in the relevant field (public health, community
• Experience in the public health field
• Demonstrated experience in client communication including but not limited to written,
oral and electronic reports
• Strong communication skills, written and oral
• Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously. Comfortable working
independently, with experience working in a team environment
• Skills in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships
• Ability to travel with limited notice
• Experience with Microsoft Office products
• Experience in training development and delivery
• Experience in evaluation, data collection techniques, and data analysis
• Experience with WordPress or other website development system
• Experience with MailChimp or other customer relationship management system


Position Type: Full-Time
Travel: Yes
Location: Preferred Swanton, Ohio;
Reports to: President of Epiphany Community Services
About Epiphany Community Services
Epiphany Community Services, a national public health evaluation firm with a focus on public
health collaborations, has offices in Ohio and North Carolina. ECS works with over 60 clients
nationwide with a particular emphasis on coalitions addressing public health issues. The
majority of ECS’s projects evaluate community collaborations using the known evaluative
methodologies related to analysis of contribution as described by the World Health
Organization’s Center for Community Health and Development and the Center for Disease
Control, along with the design and implementation of secondary and primary data collection,
analysis and reports. Additional projects include systems level analysis for improvement, public
health accreditation assistance, training and technical assistance on evaluation, leadership and
organizational development.
Contact Information
Deacon D. Dzierzawski
95 N. Main St.
Swanton, Ohio 43558