Successfully Aging and Living in San Antonio (SALSA) is the San Antonio Area Foundation's newest initiative to create a community where seniors thrive and are prized as vital citizens.  Using the collective impact model, we will engage key community partners who will drive the agenda, strategy and metrics for this initiative. We are committed to commissioning further in-depth research on the issue of senior welfare and providing leadership and support for the future success of this collaborative effort.

Our vision

To create a stronger community where seniors thrive and are prized as vital citizens.

Our goals

  • The San Antonio area has a comprehensive, efficient and effective system of services and programs, which helps seniors to thrive and has the capacity to scale over time to meet the needs of the growing senior population.
  • Vulnerable seniors will have access to essential services and benefits that meet their basic needs and promote their physical, mental and financial health and well being.
  • Seniors are able to maintain their independence and autonomy, avoiding premature or unnecessary institutionalization.
  • Seniors are more connected to and engaged with each other, their neighborhoods and community resources.

We are seeking to contract a consulting team that will adopt the collective impact model to guide the SALSA initiative though its planning, convening and collective-visioning phases. Please submit your proposal by midnight on Sunday, March 20, 2016 to Download RFP.