The Lehigh Valley Food Policy Council (LVFPC) is a community-wide initiative in Lehigh and Northampton Counties of Pennsylvania.  The LVFPC is using a collective impact model to focus on reducing food insecurity in the Lehigh Valley, improving the local food system, and fostering a sustainable ecological environment to meet increasing community needs.

The vision of the LVFPC is to create a strengthened community where all residents have equitable access to fresh, healthy food and the local food system is developed as an integral part of the growing Lehigh Valley economy.

LVFPC Goals are:

  • The Lehigh Valley has a coordinated, sustainable, effective, and efficient system of food access and nutrition services and programs, so that all residents have equitable access to fresh, healthy food to ensure improved health and well-being.
  • Vulnerable populations have improved access to food system services and resources that will improve their health and strengthen their life in the community.
  • The local food economy will be an integral part of Valley-wide economic development, with capacity to scale and meet the needs of a growing and diverse population.
  • Community capacity will be strengthened with residents engaged in Valley-wide resource sharing and problem solving.

The Lehigh Valley Food Policy Council (LVFPC) is seeing an experienced consultant to help the group design a fully participatory planning process within a collective impact framework and using collective impact principles that will lay the groundwork for the LVFPC to develop a five-year strategic plan for the initiative while also clarifying and improving internal processes. Download RFP