With support from the Fund for Shared Insight, the Collective Impact Forum has worked closely with eight grantmaking organizations in an “Action Learning Lab” for improving foundation openness.

Their experiences and findings are now presented in the new report Advancing Funders’ Openness Practices: Lessons for the Field from the Collective Impact Funder Action Learning Lab.

This new report highlights key findings and feedback from both the Action Learning Lab and the broader Collective Impact Funder Community of Practice. In particular, the report goes more deeply into five learning themes—building trust, listening before acting, increasing transparency, building capacity for community engagement, and sustaining openness practices.

With each of these key learning areas, we focus on:

  1. The challenges that funders face in pursuing these openness practices,
  2. What has worked well in embracing each dimension of openness, and
  3. Tools and resources in the field that funders have found helpful

Throughout this report, we also include case studies on each of the participating funders’ action learning projects. Each case study underscores multiple lessons learned about practicing openness.

Download the full report with the link on the left of this page and find out more about the challenges each funder worked through and how they strengthened their openness practices. (Logging into your Collective Impact Forum account will be necessary to download the report.)

Stay tuned: We will host a free webinar later this spring that will highlight some of the participating funders’ lessons learned and share more about the report’s findings and implications.

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