This data from this study draws primarily on the research study “When Collective Impact Has an Impact,” conducted through collaborative effort between Spark Policy Institute of Denver, CO and ORS Impact of Seattle, WA.

Initiative / backbone name: Alignment Nashville
Year initiative formed: 2004
Mission: Education is the key that opens the door to the future for youth and the community as a whole. That’s why Alignment Nashville exists—to find ways all of Nashville can work together to create innovative programs and game-changing initiatives that will build generations of thriving young Nashvillians. The collective work of Alignment Teams seeks to do this by impacting these areas.
Geography: Nashville city-wide


Alignment Nashville is working to improve the education and health of the community’s youth by providing tools that bring the community together for more effective results than individuals could accomplish alone. What sets Alignment Nashville apart is their unique, integrated toolset: Principles, Structure, Process, and Technology.

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