Earlier in 2015, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO) and the Collective Impact Forum came together around the question of, "How can grantmakers instill an equity lens within their collaborative efforts?"

Through research and interviews with funders and leading organizations in the equity field, GEO and the CI Forum compiled a research scan that identifies some of the major challenges organizations grapple with around advancing equity, and also discusses key focus areas that funders could support to help build their grantees’ capacity to address and reduce inequities.

To find out more, download the research scan, Collaborating to See All Constituents Reach Their Full Potential (download link on the left of this page), read more about the background of this early study, and see below to hear more from those in the equity field about how together, we can help our communities reach their full potential.

Voices from the Field

Contributors to this research scan share more recommendations on how organizations can add an equity lens to their work to help better serve their communities.

3 Levels of Racial Equity Work within Collective Impact by Juan Sebastian Arias and Jeff Raderstrong (Living Cities)

If You Don’t Know Who You’re Impacting, How Do You Know You’re Making an Impact? by Kelly Brown (D5)

Pitfalls to Avoid When Pursuing Equity by Sandra Witt (The California Endowment)

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