This year the Community Foundation of Broward celebrates its 30th year of operations while the community foundation movement celebrates 100 years of existence. With these milestones comes a responsibility to evaluate what we have learned when moving large-scale change. We believe these “lessons learned” offer a blueprint for addressing complex community issues to build a bright future for Broward. This report demonstrates real collective impact on a community issue through the lens of the work on foster care reform. It is dedicated to the community leaders who came together with tenacity and vision to create a safety net for youth who age out of the foster care system. The leadership and innovation of these partners have improved the lives of hundreds of young people in our community and provided a valuable case study in successful collective impact. We hope you will enjoy reading about this journey and can apply these lessons to your own community work. Community Foundation of Broward

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Steve Rios

partner organization

An important aspect of Broward's Collective Impact initiative related to the local college access network that has been developing during the past two years. A story about this network, and it's parent statewide network Florida Reach can be found at the following url.

Submitted by Steve Rios on Sat, 2014-05-31 15:19