Multisite, cross-sector initiatives bring together stakeholders to tackle difficult issues – housing, health, education, and more - facing communities across the United States.

In the new report Driving Systems Change Forward, authored by the Urban Institute and published by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, you’ll learn key lessons from initiatives from across the country about what it takes to advance systems change forward by shifting power and promoting racial equity.

Join us for this virtual coffee chat with one of the report authors—Corianne Scally—from the Urban Institute and contributing practitioner, Andrea Akita, who leads the Communities of Opportunity Initiative for King County, Washington. They discuss the report findings and how initiatives can build on this learning to change the structures, relationships and attitudes that keep racism rooted in place and communities struggling.

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Session Speakers:

  • Andrea Akita, Communities of Opportunity Director, King County Public Health
  • Corianne Payton Scally, Principal Research Associate, Urban Institute

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