Evaluating the impact of long-term systems change work is always complex- there is no one-stop primer or resource that will truly encompass the questions that need to be asked and the data collection methods to use. Evaluating complex initiatives or evaluating programs in complex environments requires the application of a systems lens and a set of principles of practice, as well as attending to the particular contextual characteristics of each case.

Where does one start then when looking at your own systems change work and how to learn from its design and implementation? What do you need to think about when gauging your progress and the initiative’s intended effects, influence, and impact?

Join FSG and the Collective Impact Forum for this discussion with Hallie Preskill and Joelle Cook who lead FSG’s Strategic Learning and Evaluation practice, as we delve into how evaluating system change is different from evaluating programs, and talk about some of the core evaluation principles needed when advancing systems change work.

Webinar Presentation: Access a copy of the webinar presentation at the link on the left of this page. (Logging into your Forum account will be necessary to download.)

Webcast Guests:

Joelle Cook, Director, FSG
Hallie Preskill, Managing Director, FSG

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