Join the webinar discussion Examining Power Dynamics in Systems Change with FSG and New Profit as we take a deeper dive into one of the most critical systems change components – Power Dynamics, and the unique role that they play in systems change efforts. During this discussion, we hear from three social change leaders who share how power impacts their work and how they navigate power structures to achieve their goals.

Presentation: You can download a copy of the webinar presentation at the link at the left of this page. (You will need to login to your Forum account to download.)

Featured Speakers

  • Adam Foss, Executive Director, Prosecutor Impact
  • Chekemma Fulmore-Townsend, President and CEO, Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN)
  • Tulaine Montgomery, Managing Partner, New Profit
  • Simran Sidhu, Director, The HIVE at Springpoint

Resources Related to Power Dynamics

This online event was hosted on September 16, 2019 in partnership with the Collective Impact Forum, FSG, and New Profit.

Recommended Resources for this Webinar 

As this webinar is going a step deeper than an introduction, it’s recommended to review one or both of the below resources as reference to the discussion.

The Six Conditions of Systems Change

This webinar explores how one can tackle the concepts and conditions involved with systems change work.  

The Water of Systems Change

This article aims to clarify what it means to shift the conditions holding problems in place and provides an actionable model for those interested in creating systems change.

Shifting Mental Models to Advance Systems Change

Shifting mindsets is one of the most challenging aspects to reach systems change. This webinar shares examples from the field as well as a primer on mental models.  

Unsticking Stuck Mental Models: Adventures in Systems Change

This blog post summarizes some of the key points of the Shifting Mental Models webinar, including sharing strategies on how to encourage mindset shifts.

Building Relationships to Advance Systems Change

Ensuring that quality connections and communication occur among actors in the system, especially among those with differing histories and viewpoints, is challenging. This webinar highlights effective practices from the field and covers key relationship essentials needed to advance systems change efforts.

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