Practical guidance for planning and implementing evaluations of collective impact initiatives

Leaders of collective impact initiatives need an approach to performance measurement and evaluation that is as multi-faceted, responsive, and flexible as the initiatives themselves.

This three-part guide offers detailed advice on how to plan for and implement effective performance measurement and evaluation activities in the context of collective impact.

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Sarah Stamp

technical assistance provider / consultant

Hi, The first section of the report appears to be damaged - I can't access it. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Submitted by Sarah Stamp on Wed, 2014-05-07 19:49

Tracy Timmons-Gray

administrator, backbone organization, community manager, funder of initiatives, partner organization, other, technical assistance provider / consultant, content administrator, blogger, funder community of practice

HI, Sarah. We're able to download all parts. Can you tell us more about the issue that you're having? Were you able to access parts 2 and 3?

Submitted by Tracy Timmons-Gray on Wed, 2014-05-07 19:51

Hi Sarah, I had the same problem with Google Chrome. I tried with Internet Explorer and managed to open the first part. It may just be a compatibility issue. Strange that it didn't occur with the other files though.

Submitted by Alissa Rode on Wed, 2014-05-07 21:01

David Phipps

partner organization

I just downloaded and saved from Firefox. They open just fine for me

Submitted by David Phipps on Thu, 2014-05-08 08:25

Edwin Ferran

technical assistance provider / consultant

I have been able to access/download all 3 parts of the report using Safari on a Mac.

Submitted by Edwin Ferran on Thu, 2014-06-12 16:00

Larry Gemmel

technical assistance provider / consultant

For further perspectives on evaluation, you might also be interested in a recently published article by Mark Cabaj in The Philanthropist Evaluating Collective Impact: Five Simple Rules

Submitted by Larry Gemmel on Fri, 2014-07-11 08:10

Karen Mozenter

funder of initiatives

An additional resource re: network/CI evaluation is available from the Center for Network Impact. 

Submitted by Karen Mozenter on Sun, 2014-11-16 10:52

Leah Stephenson

technical assistance provider / consultant

This framework is incredibly helpful.  I really appreciate the distinctions between early/middle and late phases, the emphasis on context, organizational learning and capacity.  Many thanks to those who developed this!

Submitted by Leah Stephenson on Fri, 2015-08-07 10:31