Working Group Co-chairs are not simply symbolic leaders; the success of a collective impact initiative hinges on Co-chairs bringing their commitment and leadership to a range of tasks.

Built on our experience with numerous Working Groups, this kit provides detailed tools, templates, and tips. From increasing membership and community engagement to planning and running effective meetings, Co-chairs will find strategic and tactical resources to help them contribute to a successful initiative.

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This Toolkit includes:

  • Module 1: How To Build Membership
  • Module 2: How To Plan for and Run an Effective Meeting
  • Module 3: How To Build a Culture of Collaboration
  • Module 4: How To Put Systems Thinking into Practice
  • Module 5: How To Engage with Community Members
  • Module 6: How To Be Data-Driven and Learn along the Way

Also included:

  • Sample Working Group Stategies
  • Meeting Planning Steps for Co-Chairs
  • Meeting Agenda Template
  • Meeting Follow-up Email Template—Working Group
  • Meeting Follow-up Email Template—Steering Committee

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Jane Elyce Glasgow

backbone organization

This is an INCREDIBLE resource that we have used very frequently in getting our WG's stood up!  

Submitted by Jane Elyce Glasgow on Thu, 2017-04-13 11:33