Panel discussion for part 2 of the "How System Leadership Applies to Collective Impact" session at the 2015 Collective Impact Convening in New Orleans on May 5, 2015. Featuring:

  • Stacy Holland (The Lenfest Foundation)
  • John Kania (FSG)
  • Paul Schmitz (Collective Impact Forum)

About this Session:

As more funders invest in collective impact, is it critical for funders to develop new types of leadership skills for themselves and for their grantees. When addressing complex social issues, funders can play an important role as system leaders in helping grantees and partners understand the greater system of which they are a part. Effective system leaders also build a culture of collaboration and foster a different, deeper type of dialogue that leads to greater clarity and innovation. In addition, system leaders play an important role in shifting the focus from reactive problem solving to co-creating the future. In this interactive plenary session, attendees will learn how system leadership applies to collective impact, and will discuss with their funder peers what the implications are for engaging in collective impact.

Watch Part 1: How System Leadership Applies to Collective Impact - Remarks by John Kania

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