The Augusta Warrior Project (AWP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of “warriors” – veterans, as well as military personnel who are in between tours – in the Central Savannah River Area. AWP estimates that there are over 66,000 “warriors” living in the area, who are entitled to a number of benefits to facilitate transition into civilian life; many, however, lack an awareness of the resources available to them and so are unable to access services. Through various outreach, advocacy, and educational programs, AWP takes a proactive approach to identifying veterans’ needs, coordinating local resources, and connecting veterans. Under the leadership of AWP Executive Director Jim Lorraine, the Project has taken a collaborative approach, developing partnerships with other non-profits, local businesses, and governmental agencies to improve veteran care in thirteen counties in Georgia and South Carolina. AWP currently works with 4,300 ‘warriors’ per year, providing tailored support to their needs. In 2013, AWP and its collaborative partners unveiled a new Veterans Center at University of South Carolina at Aiken, providing a centralized area for veteran support.