In 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed St. Bernard’s Housing Community (SBHC), the largest public housing development in New Orleans. Prior to the storm, SBHC was plagued with overcrowding, failing schools and violent crime. In the wake of Katrina, a small group of civic leaders were invited by a friend in Atlanta to learn about a redevelopment project in East Lake, Atlanta which used a holistic community revitalization model: providing residents safe mixed-income housing and access to quality education, public services, community programming, healthcare and neighborhood businesses like banks and grocery stores. After visiting the East Lake community and seeing its successful transformation firsthand, these civic leaders decided to form the Bayou District Foundation (BDF), with the goal of replicating the East Lake Model at the former SBHC site and surrounding neighborhood. As a founding member of BDF, Gerard Barousse, a native New Orleans real estate developer, was chosen as the organization’s leader. BDF decided that the model could be a good fit for the SBHC, and a “game changer” for the neighborhood and the City of New Orleans. The BDF was selected to oversee the redevelopment by the Housing Authority of New Orleans through the Request for Proposal process. Working closely with government agencies, the BDF brought together numerous private and non-profit partners to carry out their mission. The redevelopment of the SBHC is one of the largest urban transformation projects currently underway in the United States and has already dramatically reduced crime in the area.