Professor john a. powell (Othering and Belonging Institute) discusses how targeted universalism can help support building one’s thinking and practices around equity when working in collaboration with others.

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Episode Notes

In this episode, we’re sharing a 2019 Collective Impact Convening keynote talk titled, “From the “Why” to the “How": Operationalizing Equity in Collective Impact” by Professor john a powell, who serves as Director of the Othering and Belonging Institute at the University of California Berkeley.

Following the keynote, Michael McAfee, President and CEO of PolicyLink, joins Professor Powell in a discussion about what’s needed to prioritize equity within collective impact work.

Episode Contents

1:27: Sheri Brady of the Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions and co-lead of the Collective Impact Forum introduces Professor john a. powell.

4:36: Keynote talk by Professor john a. powell on the topic of “From the Why to the How: Operationalizing Equity for Collective Impact.”

29:47: Sheri Brady introduces and welcomes Michael McAfee, president and CEO of PolicyLink, to join Professor Powell in a fireside chat.

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