Plenary discussion from the 2016 Collective Impact Convening with Michael Brown – Seattle Foundation, Sally Gillis – Social Venture Partners, Ted Lord – Philanthropy Northwest, and Ken Thompson – Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This session was held on June 6, 2016.

About this session: Many funders ask their grantees to better align programs and services in service of collective impact goals. In addition, funders themselves often need to better coordinate their activities and investments in collective impact. Philanthropic alignment in collective impact can happen in several ways, such as formally pooling resources to support backbone infrastructure or informally coordinating investments on common agenda priorities. Funders in Seattle have formed an Aligned Funders group to discuss where and how to coordinate their investments in the Road Map Project, a cradle to career collective impact initiative in South King County, Washington. Hear from participants of this Aligned Funders group as they discuss opportunities and challenges with coordinating collective impact funder priorities.

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